Sunday, June 17, 2012

Breaking into color with words

My stitched color word project has gone vibrant.

When I can't sleep, I stitch.

I'm now mixing colored fabric and threads in with the white cotton and red pearl cotton. I envision a huge grid of them, but I don't know.

Seven writers.

I've been collecting color words from friends, family and colleagues. The weird intimacy that comes from stitching up someone else's handwriting has only become more compelling to me over time.  It's ratcheting up my nerdy word obsession with the addition of textures and color and stitch. I can't stop.

I don't want to stop.

Rinsing "cherry." Experimenting with stitching
in the same color as the background fabric.

Initially I was going to work with 23 color words, but I keep wanting more.

Take it with me everywhere and notice colors, words.

Not in a greedy way. In a passionate way. I love bringing other folks into my artwork. It helps me reconcile my admittedly independent side with the joy I take in feeling connected to other people.

Some handwriting is more challenging to stitch
and I love that.

Send me more color words, please.


  1. Ah my favourite colour is already 'taken' (chartreuse) Slate? Delft Blue?

  2. Epic work, epic YOU! Seriously cannot wait to see the completed piece! x:)

  3. Well, it is good and I am happy to see it. Go, O, go.