Friday, September 28, 2012

Layering on the sugar, taking my sweet time

Rushing to finish my Phat Quarter TOYS Swap, but I'm taking a little break this Friday afternoon to work on my Suga Belt.

Circles of glucose on the thigh. I'm thinking of woven
spider wheel stitch for those.

Layering on different things. Right now it's sugar molecules (sucrose, glucose and fructose) but I also want to stitch some compass points and map grids.

Sucrose on Sulky Solvy, stitching in back stitch.

Maybe I'm too much of a process artist. I love taking my time making. In no rush to finish. Just keep layering, creating and adding. That makes me happy.

Layering different molecules, planning.

Palimpsest. I like that word.

Before I cut up the piece from the main cloth and layered it
onto the black fabric.

Must stitch it.

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