Sunday, October 13, 2013


From my back porch. Buh Honeycomb, 2013.

Feeling a little meh these days. A little more isolated and alone than usual. Fighting the blues.

Buh Watercolor, 2013. Watercolor, paper, hand embroidery.

I finished another watercolor and stitching piece. This one with more muted colors. I like the way you can see the texture of the work when there are fewer colors to take in. It's a little more stripped down.

The limited color palette lets me see more of the texture.

The blues slow me down.

Work on progress.

But I'll rally.


  1. I love this piece, the layers and the colours are amazing. The shading on the watercolour is so subtle and so effective. And (hugs) if hugs are ok for the blues... I hear you. Autumn/winter can be so hard.

  2. This series is so beautiful! So many layers, I could stare at them for hours. Hugs from one blue person to another. There are many great things ahead.

  3. Hi Olisa!
    I just discovered your stitch work on Flickr, and I am very impressed! I love love love it! Wow, the effect is sensational!
    May I ask - if it is not a top secret information, off course!!! - on what kind of paper you paint, what type of paint? I would love to try for myself, it looks so fun to do! Although I am sure it will take me ages to come close to what you do!
    I am Karen, I live in Vanuatu, small island in the Pacific ocean, I am a fiber artist too, in another style!
    Great to discover you!
    Be inspired, always!

    1. Thank you, Karen! What a lovely way to start the day! And it's certainly not top secret info... I'm always happy to shar with other artists. I've experimented, but I find that the best paper to use is Arches Watercolor Paper, cold press, 140 lb. I like the fabric feel of the paper and it holds up well to paint and stitch. But any 140 lb watercolor paper should work. The paints are a mishmash; Cotman watercolors and Reeves Gouaches, mostly. I also have a new website: I'm no longer blogging on blogspot. I'd love to see your work, too! Best, Olisa

    2. Hi Olisa!
      So lucky that you had a look to your blog!
      Thank you so much for your info, I will try it when I come back from Holiday! I take my flight in a few hours, and I will buy some water color paper 140lb!!!
      I only have a gallery on Flickr, this is the link... I also love to experiment new things!!
      I hope we will stay in touch!
      Have a great day and thank you so much for your reply... I will think of you doing my shopping!!
      Karen Cattoire