Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eclipse - First finished piece of 2014

Detail from Eclipse, 2014.
Hand embroidery, pearl cotton & watercolor.

Thank you so much for all of your comments about String Box, which I wrote about in my last post and made for the Phat Quarter swap.

Eclipse, 2014.

Here is Eclipse, a piece I made from the same color family. In fact, I painted the background watercolor on the same day; I was in a deep, juicy, saturated color mood and stuck to red, yellow and crimson paints.


This piece was made for my badass Pops. It was his birthday on Sunday. Oh Pops, you are a wild man.

Me and my badass Pops in the 1970s.

I've made several honeycomb pieces. One of my favorite things to do with embroidery is to layer stitches. The honeycomb pieces are already layered.

WIP. Made with pearl cotton, size 5.

String Box was an experiment with longer stitched lines. I've tried to bring a layer of the longer lines to the honeycombs.

What I made the fabulous Kinsellas for Xmas.

Off to NYC tomorrow for a quick visit to the fabulous Kinsella family and to attend the opening of the groundbreaking Queer Threads exhibition at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Aubrey Longley-Cook's RuStitch animation, for which I stitched a frame, will be featured in the show.

I'm ready to tackle the gray boxes.

When I get back to Durham, I want to tackle some new work on my gray boxes, which are the opposite of the juicy, saturated colors of my last two pieces.


  1. I am loving where you are taking things!


  3. Lovely gift for your BadAss Pop!!!! I know he loved it as much as we, your humble fans, do!

  4. Happy birthday to your pops! That turned out gorgeous! Your off to a great start with your 2014 stitches!