Friday, April 4, 2014

Tiger Bea(s)t

Rebecca Grecco of Hugs are Fun, my swap partner for the Mr X Stitch Bestiary Swap, made me the most divine new feline friend.

Misha, by Rebecca Grecco, 2014.

I call this colorful x stitch tiger Misha! 

Rebecca has some sick skills with color and stitching. She is a talented pattern designer and warm, creative member of the online stitching community. I'm thrilled to have one of her pieces in my collection. Thank you, Rebecca!

Bamboo pendant by Rebecca Grecco.

I particularly love her kaleidoscopic rainbows and her sleek X stitch pendants. I need to make myself one from one of her kits, which she sells in her etsy shop.

The next few weeks will be quiet for me here. I am roaming, not worrying about being productive. Just taking in the beauty of faraway cities, sketching, and spending time with my sweet mami.

Vacation O, a-hoy.
See you on the flip slip, brutha.

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