Friday, November 5, 2010

Just stitching

I'm working on a huge, hand-stitched hexagon quilt that I started in May 2010.  I expect to finish is in 2012, if I'm lucky!  I'm participating (in a very laid back way) in the Hexagon Charm Quilt-Along started by the blogger Texas Freckles on her blog and in the Hexagon Charm Quilt-Along flickr group.

My incredibly talented friend JC inspired me to try creating a quilt by making an amazing quilt from 1-inch hexes that she somehow managed to finish (including hand quilting it!) in just a few months.  You can see photos of JC's gorgeous finished piece here.

JC is a hugely prolific and wide-ranging crafter.  She makes adorable felt jewelry of cool things like 45 records and sews quilts and knits... just to name a few of her talents!  And her house is filled with the most whimsical, cleverly designed pieces that she makes and acquires.  Clocks with vintage milk bottle caps instead of numbers, coffee tables with maps decoupaged on top.  She is such an inspiring soul!

JC and I swapped fabric scraps and embroidered special hexes for each other's quilts.  Here is a photo of a radiation sign hex I embroidered for her.

My friends Lisa and Katherine also swapped fabric and sent fabric scraps.  I love that I have fabric from so many of my friends sewn into the quilt, which I hope to, some day, hang in my living room.

Strangely, I'm not in any rush to finish the piece.  I'm still collecting fabric, slicing up squares and paper piecing the quilt.  So far I sewn together over five feet of 1 1/2 inch hexes.  I have a design plan, including a charcoal stripe with embroidery and a black & white border, but I'm taking my time with it.  I'm thoroughly convinced that the stitching is healing me by forcing me to slow down and take tiny steps.  2010 has been a rather dreadful year.  This quilt is one of the few highlights.

I think I'll just post photos from the quilt over the next few days.  But for now, back to stitching up these addictive little hexes!


  1. Hi! My daughter and I are both getting started on a hexie project after being so inspired by the flickr group as well. What size are you making your hexies. I have a friend that's been working on 1" hexies, but it just seems so overwhelming to work with sizes that small. Your's look like they may be a bit bigger. Inquiring minds and all!

  2. Hi A-Squared! The hexies are just so addicting! I'm sure that your daughter and you will enjoy your project. I know that I'm really getting so much pleasure out of it, although I haven't worked on it in a few weeks. I'm doing 1 1/2 inch hexies. My friend Juline did 1 inch and it looks fantastic but it was a little overwhelming for me, too. I'll definitely check out your progress, too! Good luck! ~Olisa