Monday, January 17, 2011

Inflammable means flammable? What a country!

So says Dr. Nick Riviera.

This is a piece that I stitched up about 6 months ago but never got around to stretching.  I stitched it on a single layer of Kona Cotton.

I can see so much more puckering and pulling in the piece, especially with the heavy long and short fill stitch in the flame.

I can see improvement in my more recent stitching. I put a lot into this piece, though, and I learned a lot.

It is a process, learning to stitch.  That's really all I can ask for.  Feeling oddly blah today.  Got to take it stitch by stitch.  Maybe I should watch some Simpsons and gather some more wisdom from Dr. Nick and his Upstairs Hollywood Medical School training!

Luna likes it. My sweet little high contrast puppy!


  1. I love the contrast between the fundamental flatness of the signage design and the rich textures of the fabric and floss!

    I'm taking it stitch by stitch today, too -- something about the grey skies, perhaps. But these posts always bring me a smile. Thanks, O!

  2. F + does that mean VERY FIREY?

    I love it - at first glance I thought it was a floatation safety device for cool sailboats.

  3. Yes, Mo, that is exactly what the F+ means highly flammable. Thanks for reminding me!! You are the best!!

  4. Hi, everybody! Awesome embroidery.

  5. Wow, even close up it actually looks like yummy, thick layers of paint. What a great idea, and well executed!

  6. That is so clever! So glad you are joining our A MAKE A MONTH CHALLENGE - lookong forward to seeing what you make! love Annie xx

  7. Love this one - great graphic and contrast. Luna looks like such a sweetie!!!

  8. Beadgirl – Hello, Janalyn! Did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College, too?
    Alexandra – Thank you! I need to make a little treat for you and Chad…
    Annie – I’m so glad that I joined you’re A Make A Month Challenge, too! Thank you!
    Joon at Noon – I’m such a fan of yours! I love the way that you’ve described it as paint layers. Now that is what I see, too.
    Big B – Thank you for noticing the contrast, too! I have some fun plans for your Valentine pattern that I can’t wait to show you!