Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh, Mr. Bergstrom...

Is there anything more wonderful than being told that you are going to be just fine in your life because you are yourself? That's how I feel about the friend that I stitched this up for.

Screenshot from "Lisa's Substitute"

"Lisa's Substitute" is one of my all-time favorite Simpsons episodes. Dustin Hoffman as the sensitive, creative teacher who recognizes what is special about Lisa... it is a wonderful, sweet exploration of childhood loneliness and invisibility and that overwhelming craving to be seen.

When I was a dorky, isolated kid, I would have floated away with joy if a beloved teacher (say, Mr. Stewart from 7th grade, the cool, bearded English teacher with red hair, dry wit and who called me OK Lisa) would have given me a note that said, "You are Olisa Corcoran."

I've wanted to stitch up this little note that Mr. Bergstrom hands to Lisa on the train platform at the end of the episode, when he is leaving her on her own in Springfield, for a long time. Beadgirl did it a few months ago and I loved her simple piece so much. (She used a yellow hoop to display her piece.)

When I saw the yellow-bordered cocktail napkin in the fabric store on Sunday while shopping for ground fabric for my Phat Quarter Swap piece, I remembered Beadgirl's piece. I instantly knew I had to make this for my friend. He appreciates the note as much as I do.

On to more "serious" stuff another time... This whole thing just makes me smile! Gaw!


  1. Awesome. Did you give it to your friend on a train platform?

  2. Alas, I didn't give it to him on a train platform! D'oh! Gave it to him over wine on an outdoor patio... not a bad location.

  3. Now I want to go watch that episode again...

  4. Great idea + perfect fabric + lovingly executed = so fucking fabulous, O.