Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting carried away with fill stitch

I love heavy fill stitch on my embroidered pieces. I love the texture and the sheen of the thread all piled up together. But I always underestimate how long it takes to stitch all that fill!

Back stitch in red.

So I'm late, once again, for my swap piece for Salvaged Mutinity. Sorry! Fortunately she is in some remote part of the world and not able to receive mail, so even if I was done, I couldn't send it. But I feel terrible.

I love the texture.

Stitching is an unbelievably slow, repetitive process. Just have to keep putting the needle into the fabric. Again and again.

Damn, I love it.


  1. Your fill stitch is incredible, O, it nevers fails to amaze me. And isn't that the point of stitching, that is takes time and every stitch is filled with love!

  2. Thank you, Jo!! That means SO much to me. You are the best!