Monday, September 10, 2012

Whirligigs, Treks and Art

Whirligigs, Vollis Simpson, photo by Alpesh Patel.

The last few weeks have been full of North Carolina traveling adventures. And some stitching. And a crack on the head that has slowed me down a tiny bit.

WIP: Suga Belt, 2012

Suga Belt remains in my hoop. I'm going to experiment with some fabric layering after I finish the stitching. I'm excited and nervous about that!

And the stitching of color words for my Color Wheel of Lies project is still going. I bring the little pieces with me everywhere I go.

Writing by giddie99

Stitching Dandelion on the beach. Writing by Becky Porter Stancill.

But what has really captured my attention these days is the gorgeous surroundings of my adopted state North Carolina.

Went to Oak Island one weekend.

From the Oak Island boardwalk.

Dawn, Oak Island.

And to Asheville and the Smokey Mountains the next.

Balsam Nature Trail, Mount Mitchell.

Clouds gathering at Mount Mitchell, highest peak east of the Mississippi.

And then hunted for whirligigs, created by North Carolina outsider artist Vollis Simpson in Johnston County, NC.

Lacuna, NC, whirligig by Vollis Simpson.

Horses in the sky. This whimsy inspires my TOYS swap piece for the Phat Quarter Swap.

So many gorgeous scenes to inspire my own art. I imagine stitched faces in the sand, washed ashore on drift wood or among the ferns and firs of boreal mountain trails.  And spirograph-like stitched wheels in the sky.

Ah, North Carolina, you are a beauty!

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