Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Yes! Clowns by Sailor Mouth

After being playfully chastised by Mr X Stitch for never having actually tried cross stitch (despite writing for his blog), I've been casting about for ideas for my first attempt into this new stitch territory.

Clowns by Sailor Mouth

And then I found the wild work of artist Sailor Mouth (a.k.a. Marshall Thompson). Sham-wow! His work is cool, creepy and wonderful. 

These clowns are freaky. If there is anyone who doesn't already find clowns scary, after seeing these insane images, they will learn clown-related fear!

Detail of a Clown, by Sailor Mouth.

I appreciate the menace he brought into the simple designs. And his use of primary colors. And the the way the red-striped, diamond-shaped frames play off the mad circus motif. 

Love this wild frame.

Check out more of Sailor Mouth's stitching and other artwork in his flickr stream. At times, the almost cartoon-like images strike me as the sleekest sticker art captured in stitch. Big yes, Sailor Mouth.

Now, time for me to try to cross stitch business!

"Big Yes!" is a blog feature where I share, with the artist’s permission, a piece of textile art that has opened my eyes to the possibility of what we can create.  When faced with things that are truly beautiful or moving or that fill me with awe, I try to say yes. More than that, Big Yes.

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