Friday, December 28, 2012

Editing and process

First stitches & supplies, Higgs Boson Particle

Q: When do I finish editing a piece?
A: Never. Not even after it is framed and I've given it away.

Q: Why do I get so excited translating an image or idea into stitch and textile?
A: I love thinking in texture and color. What else lets me do this?

I see lots of layers in the piece. First layer, here.

Two pieces in the hoops right now: a Higgs Boson particle and Boom, Redux.

Transferring my design with a Sharpie on Sulky Solvy.

The precision of all of the graphic representations I found of a Higgs Boson particle has been a challenge in designing this piece. How do I bring that precision to fabric and thread? Those hard edges?

Initial attempts at designing. Too complicated at first.

But part of what I enjoy about textiles is, for me, the wonkiness of the stitch. Especially when I'm trying to translate hard-edged imagery to fabric. I realize that there are more precise stitchers out there and I that I keep improving the more I stitch, but I enjoy the contrast.

We'll see if the simplified particle design works in the finished piece.

Boom, Redux. Thick, back stick in a brick-style fill.

And when it comes to editing, I'm never quite done. I wasn't happy with the way Boom turned out when I gave it as a holiday gift to my squeeze. He says he likes it, but I don't. So I've redesigned it and I'm restitching it. Rewriting the whole piece. Changing the stitches I'm using. Creating that thick, lush fill stitch I adore.

The original Boom was weak to me.

Trying to remake it to be worthy of the set, the recipient and my own vision.

It feels good to be true to your vision. Go!

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