Sunday, October 6, 2013

More WIPs, more life

A glorious spate of sunny, warm weather. Delicious meals and conversations with friends. (If you live in the Triangle, go to Piedmont in Durham for some farm-to-table bliss. Trust me.) 

Painting and stitching.

WIP. Stitched Hardscrabble postcard.
A few works in progress.

WIP. Buh Watercolor Honeycomb, Watercolor, paper, hand embroidery.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I received some advice about using color from a painter who is incredibly skilled with color. I'm taking her advice to heart and trying to use what she calls "buh" colors, which are more muted, in my honeycomb watercolor stitching. So far I like where this is going.

Received a wonderful compliment today: Fellow fiber artists told me that my watercolor stitching looks much better "in person" than it does in photos online. They said that they can appreciate the color and texture so much more. This made me insanely happy.

As if Durham needs more whimsy!

I'm still experimenting with the stitching on my postcards. Here is a WIP of my first attempt.

I'm not sure where this is going... but I'm on board.

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