Monday, February 10, 2014

String Box 2 (for my squeeze)

Greens and blues. I’m using these colors more so far this year. I don’t know why.  Weeks of dreary, gray weather have me longing for green leaves and blue skies? For a verdant Spring? Maybe.

String Box 2, 2014. Watercolor paper, merino wool thread. 

I tried the string box design again, this time in a larger piece (8 “ x 8’) with softer, merino wool floss. (Instead of the tightly wound No. 8 pearl cotton.) And I like it better this time. The lines are more clearly defined. The squares firmer. Angles stronger.

The piece measurs 8 x 8 inches.

I made String Box 2 for my boyfriend.  For Valentine’s Day. The colors are deep, rich and complicated, like him. I added some playful reds and yellow threads. Those colors, in this context, remind me of his wicked, irreverent sense of humor.

WIP. I may wind up playing with more negative space.

His mother is a very talented, successful artist whose work I admire a great deal. He has several of her luminous paintings in his home, so it’s a little intimidating to give him a piece of my artwork. But I can’t be afraid to make what I make and to share it. That would not be me.
WIP. Pyramid.
These angles and lines… I can’t get enough of them. My sketchbook is filled with grids – some with curving lines. Some like circus tents. I want to paint them and stitch them. But  I only seem to have time to sketch them or muse upon in those liminal moments before I wake.

In the sun.
I can’t imagine being free from this longing for more time.


  1. Eeek, I think blogger ate my last comment - chomp!

    But what I said was, that this is wonderful and he's going to love it. You're right you can't be afraid to make what you make, and you should be proud because these latest works are great! I enjoy seeing where your art is going, it's a very scenic ride! Oxo!

    1. Thank you SO much, Lisa. I'm trying to push myself. I do appreciate your incredibly encouragement!