Friday, March 14, 2014

Whatever the hell I want to do

Oh yeah. I can do whatever the hell I want to do.

Tales of Accidental Bestiality. A new made up library catalog card.

Woke up this morning and remembered that I am free to do whatever the hell I feel like doing. Go where I want to go, meet whoever I want to meet, create whatever the hell I want to create.

Section of a new piece I finished last night. More to come.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the symbolic mirror and saw myself again. Saw all the art I've made and the new things I've tried and the good life and love that I've attempted to bring to people around me.   It feels great to remember who I am, what I am. The incredible responses that I get from other people I meet in the world.

Me riding the rails in NYC.
Photo by Erin Core.
That's freedom. Onward.


  1. Yeah! O takes on the world. I love it!

  2. O takes the world INDEED!!! We need as many wide-eyed, open hearted, hell raising sirens as we can gather. Roar sistah!!!