Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventures in NYC, Part 2, Handwritten notes & archives

*And we remember strange and funny events, long ago and far away. Harlem is a police state with the voices of angels. Knitting in hand probably will change this.

Scrawl in my notebook.

Mash up of handwritten notes and marginalia in notebooks, manuscripts and scores by John Coltrane, Virginia Woolfe, Jorge Luis Borges, Jack Kerouac and Malcom X. All found at the Centennial Exhibition of the NYC Public Library.

Libraries rock. 
What we write in the margins and notebooks of our lives… treasure it. When you are exploring -- out in the world or through the portal of you laptop -- keep a notebook and jot and sketch and harvest, mofos.

My laptop with my new Nerd notebook,
from the NYC Public Library gift shop.

More NYC stitching adventures to come…


  1. Love it! I'm also reminded of the hipster restaurant host who told us how he scrawls his waitlist names in his own personal moleskine (identical to yours, as it happened), which itself was full of scrawls from a stranger, having been discarded half-used in a pile in his building's lobby. Olisa, party of 2, 10-15 minutes -- where will your name end up?

  2. "and jot and sketch and harvest"
    i like that :)