Monday, February 6, 2012

A tiny portrait of my bare back

Working on little something just for me.

Self portrait.

This is a tiny version of my Great Curve design, stitched on pale plum Kona cotton. I'm using stem stitch and 310 pearle cotton floss. Pushing myself to get better at stem stitch, which I think is an elegant outline stitch that I've never been confident doing.

Word by Becky Wagoner, writing by me.
Love architectural terms so send me some!

I'm still collecting and stitching words like a banshee. I love the variety and themes of words that you're all giving to me. Thank you and please keep them coming!

Before taking a stitch.

Been working a lot at my corporate day job and I'm feeling weary. Siting in a beige cube, staring a a computer all day has lead to a strange feeling of disconnect from my body. This little portrait of my naked back is a reminder that my stiff shoulders and back have a shape and curve to them.

I'm hoping that stitching will help make it easier.


  1. You and your stitching are beautiful!

  2. i agree with bps, beautiful work. and for the sitting and staring and body disconnect, yoga!!! it will put you back in your body for sure.x

  3. the stem stitch is semi-elusive to me as well. so simple and yet so maddening.

  4. Thanks, Becky & Ellen! You guys are so supportive. And, Jess, I totally understand what you mean about the maddening quality of stem stitch. It IS getting better with practice, fortunately!