Friday, August 24, 2012

In My Hoops... Suga and Colors

Stitching in my bed on a sunny morning, chez moi.

Been traveling a lot on the weekends and I will continue to travel for a few more weeks.  (Valleys, seas and mountains.)

Working on lots of things...

Hope no one is sick of my hips, because they're back... with a little piece called Suga Belt. More to come on that story from Carthage.

Suga Belt, 2012. Kona Cotton, stem, back and satin stitch.

And the pile of color words keeps growing. The bigger piece is taking shape in my mind, if not in actual physical space!

I'm STILL loving stitching up other people's handwriting. It feels decadently intimate.

So if you'd like to contribute a color word, let me know. I have a pile of words and fabric and thread and I want more handwriting.

C'mon and play!

Playing with Keefie.


  1. I love these stitchings!! You rock!

  2. I want to play! Assign me a color word (or do I pick one, and you tell me if used or not)?