Sunday, December 2, 2012

Free Pattern! And, the holidays... Shh...

I'm fortunate enough that the people that I really love read my blog and care about my art. I recognize how lucky I am in that respect. The only down side (and it is a tiny one) is that I can't post what I'm making now because it is all holiday gifts for my peeps.

My very girlie wreath.

Instead, here is my most popular project/free pattern (knitting) on ravely. And some photos of my insanely girlie (I've now realized) Christmas decorations in my tiny apartment in Durham.

Mrs. Claus' Date Night Handbag. Free pattern below.

Hope you are all having a wonderful December! Send me some sugar...


Free pattern:

Mrs. Claus’ Date Night Handbag
By Olisa Corcoran (cocoaeyes)

Pattern for Mrs. Claus' Date Night Handbag (adapted from my Ornamental Joy - Tiny Handbags pattern that was published in the String Thing Theory pattern book back in 2009.)

This is what she carries on a hot date!

Approximately 30 to 40 yards of any type of feltable yarn. In order to felt, your yarn must be animal fiber: cottons and acrylics will not felt. 
Set of 5 dpns in the appropriate size for your yarn.

Gauge is irrelevant!

Body of bag: 
Cast on 11 stitches 
Knit garter stitch for 6-7 rows to form a little rectangle. This will become the base/bottom of the bag. At this point you’ll switch to knitting in the round.

Pick up and knit 3 stitches along the first short side of the rectangle base. 
Pick up and knit 11 stitches along the other long side of the rectangle base. 
Pick up and knit the remaining 3 stitches on the second short side of the rectangle base.
Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

At this point you’ll knit in the round (in a rectangle shape) by knitting all rolls until the bag is about 3 inches, or as tall as you want it to be before felting, ending on a short side of the rectangle. You’ll now do one decrease row.

Long Side one, K2tog, K until the last 2 stitches from the end of that side, K2tog. 9 stitches remaining.
Short Side one, K2tog, K. 2 stitches remaining on that side.
Long Side two, K2tog, K until the last 2 stitches from the end of that side, K2tog. 9 stitches remaining.
Short Side two, K2tog, K. 2 stitches remaining on that side.
Knit one more round.
Bind off all stitches. 
Weave in ends.

Felt the bag: 
To felt, place the bag in a lingerie pouch and run through the washing machine cycle on the highest heat and agitation available for your machine. Include a towel or pair of jeans with the wash so that the bag is agitated as much as possible. 

Decorating your bag: 
Use any fluffy white novelty yarn as the faux fur; simply sew around the top of the felted bag. I make my bag handles out of pearl beads strung on florist wire. Simple string beads onto 3 or 4 inches of florist wire, twist of the ends, and using a clear thread, sew into the inside of your bag. 

Just play!


  1. I'm in that same boat! Can't post my latest makings in the blog, Facebook, or craftster! GAH! Anymore, they don't feel like finished projects until I've shoved them in the face of the internet. I mean, "shared them."

  2. This is a crowded boat ;)

    Love your Girlie Wreath. I'm starting the decorating tomorrow I think.