Saturday, January 19, 2013

Boom, Redux!

Boom, Redux, 2013.

Ever the editor... I wasn't happy with the original Boom that I made for my squeeze for Xmas. It was the weakest piece in my series of stitched 45 inserts. So, badda boo, badda bing, I redesigned and stitched up a brand new one. 

Spider wheel stitch & other details.

The squeeze is a natural gentleman and was profoundly gracious; he said he liked the old one. But he respected my need to change it. I felt it was a fail. So... Boom, Redux is born.

Hum, Spin and Boom, Redux, united at chez Andy.

I'm much happier with the dense, lush back stitch fill that I so love.  And the deep blue floss. To me, when I saw them all together last night, it felt like it fits together better as a series.

Detail of the back stitch fill.

In other news... please take a look at my newly updated blog banner! My fabulous designer friend Monique replaced two images of needlefelted work (I haven't needlefelted in years) with more recent embroidery: Tiny Great Curve and Suga Belt. I feel like these more accurately capture my current artwork and aesthetic. Yes? No?

I'm in love with this graphic!

Finally, check out this rad collection of 45 inserts that the uber cool artist Marshall Thompson (a.k.a. Sailor Mouth) shared with me.

Shazam!! I love these so much! How wonderful to play with the imagery of these fantastic, outdated, Mid-20th Century objects?

__ . . .   __ __ __   __ __ __   __ __!


  1. Boom Redux looks great -- I love how satiny the blue is!

    1. Thank you so much, beadgirl! I like the shiny blue, too.