Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Particle in my hoop and spiro tops

Current version of Higgs Boson Particle. Adding more gray rays.

Making slow progress on my Higgs Boson Particle. Of course, I keep editing and changing it as I go, adding more elements and pulling out stitches, so it is taking me a while. It is going to be hard to part with, because it makes me oddly happy.

Can't stop pulling out stitches.

And here are some spirograph knit tops that I made for some of the awesome women in my life: Erin, Alex and Charisse.

Tank tops for Alex and Erin.

Top for my generous and loving sister-in-law Charisse.

I'm redoing the stitched 45 Boom spindle piece for my squeeze. I was particularly honored by the comments left on a Flickr photo of my 3 pieces by an artist I very much admire, Mark Bieraguel.

"Such a strange little piece of ephemera, those inserts for 45s to convert them for long playing spindles. You've abstracted them them out, taken them out of context and made them something new, interesting, and striking. ~MB"

Redoing Boom, bottom right.

Next, I'm thinking of attempting some mixed media stuff... stitching on paper. I've been inspired by the work of fellow stitch artists Jessica and Mark Bieraugel.

Jessica often uses pages from vintage math books and creates wonderful, geometric patterns which she stitches with precision directly into the antique pages. I'm proud to own one of her pieces and I gave my friend Juline a lovely hexagon piece that I purchased from Jessica.

I imagine stitching into these wonderful NC arts & crafts cards
 I received for Xmas, for example. Or comics!

Mark has done amazing work with stitching vintage patterns into microfiche, which I've written about for Mr X Stitch. He is starting on a new series, stitching and reinterpreting an old art book. I love the way he is exploring and redefining the work of artists from Robert Mapplethorpe to Ed Ruscha.

I'm very excited about this possible new direction my own work and I'm grateful to connect with so many fantastic artists online!


  1. I love love love my spiro top! So honored to be a recipient. xo

  2. I bet you'll kick ass at stitching on paper!

  3. Looking forward to seeing how all these ideas develop - I love the piece you are working on at the moment, it is full of energy!

  4. Yes, the Higgs Bosun piece is fascinating. Can't wait to see how it ends up!

  5. Thanks for all of the encouragement here! Feeling energetic and full of possibility...