Sunday, February 10, 2013

Notes from Mr. Bergstrom

I knew I wanted to do his for a long time.


Mr. Bergstrom's note to Lisa Simpson has always meant so much to me. I've fantasized about receiving such a note many, many times. A special recognition that I'm not invisible, that I'm not alone.

Inspired by beadgirl, I've stitched Mr. Bergstrom's note before.

My original stitched note, from 2011.

This time I made personalized notes for some people in my life for whom I care deeply. I tried to copy Mr. Bergstrom's teacherly, cursive handwriting and added Lisa's little yellow hands.  I mailed the little notes as a surprise.

The source.

Erin said hers made her feel so loved. Which was exactly my intention! Woo-hoo!

For Erin, 2013.

And after I made ones for other folks, I knew I wanted one for me, for when I feel low, like Lisa Simpson did in "Lisa's Substitute." To remind myself, among other things, that there is a difference between solitude and being alone.

For Andy, 2013.

And as much of a tough mofo as I am, this note to myself makes me feel loved, too.


  1. What a sweet gift, for your friends or yourself.

  2. Everyone needs to hear this from time to time. <3