Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stones in a heart, a crooked spine & other confessions

Confession: I'm worn out.

Light box spine sketch.

Dull to read. But it is true. And if I'm not honest with myself, what good am I as an artist and writer?

Here is what I'm working on now. I can't write about it with a great deal of energy, but that isn't because I'm not excited about the work.  I'm happy and intrigued by it. 

Photo source: Shadows on my back on a sunny Sunday in Raleigh.

First up is another stitched image of my spine. This one is still in the sketching and planning stages.

Next up is a vintage handkerchief onto which I'm embroidering a fragment of a poem I wrote about hearing tiny stones clacking against each another in a man's heart. A simple piece, but I'm happy to see some of my writing finding its way into my stitching. 

WIP: Stitching my poetry.

Had a lovely, peaceful weekend away with my amazing boyfriend in Wilmington, NC. Being outside of my everyday life made me realize that, in order to make the time to do everything I do I might, occasionally, cheat ever-so-slightly on sleep. 

Romantic getaway in a renovated, brick pied-à-terre.

So, please forgive me for my low energy here. Traveling to Atlanta this week to work with Aubrey Longley-Cook on his new project. Geeked beyond belief about this stitching plus animation venture!

More to come... for now, rest.

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