Sunday, July 7, 2013

45-Record Insert Dress for a 21st Century Girl

I don't stitch enough wearables. 

Altered Gap cotton dress, 3T.

Seeing the beautiful, Los Angeles three-year-old wearing this little altered Gap dress reminded me that I need to do more pieces that I can wear.  She looked so fresh and adorable. 

Detail of appliqued 45-record insert. Anchored by pink chain stitch.

I made her this very simple design by appliqueing a 45-record insert and stitching around it in pink, pearl cotton chain stitch. (Her father is a musician and of my vintage, so the selection of the mid-Century vinyl paraphernalia was intentional.)

So easy. I must make more garments and accessories for me and for friends.

I've been having West Coast adventures for the last week. Lots of Stitch-speration! More Los Angeles fun to come...

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  1. This dress is the cutest! I'll bet she looked fresh - funky fresh! Have fun in LA, you should look Ellen up, she'd love to see you!