Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gifts. And then art.

Several dear friends are expecting babies this fall, so I stitched up these simple, bright onesies. They are a kind of faux applique, made with Wounder Under and pearl cotton edging.

For Monique & Dan's boy.

I wanted to make them look a little retro. The stripes and colors seem 70s-early 80s to me. 

For Kate & Chris' girl. 

Dan is a DJ and music afficionado, thus the 45-insert symbol on his boy's onesies. Kate is a wildlife biologist with a passion for frogs, thus the little frog on her girl's togs.


And who doesn't love THUNDER! 

Plus, this bolt reminds me of the chest bolt on the hero of the 1970s cheeseball TV series Shazam! I used to watch the show back in NYC as a wee lass.

Can't wait to meet these babies! 

A family of my own and children were not in the cards for me, sadly. But I do love kids, so spoiling my nephews and the kids of my friends is something I adore with a passion. Auntie O needs her own special decal!

French knot obession continues unabated.

But for now I want to focus more on my artwork. So I'm back to this massive pile of French knots on a piece I haven't worked on in some time, a self portrait of my back (yes another!) called Shadow Spine. It's a lot of French knots, so it will take a while, but it feels good to be back to making something just for me.

Something wonderfully impractical.


  1. The shirts are very cool--love the stripes.

  2. I think that we'll have to get our babies together for a shazam! photo shoot :)