Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Man Winter Assassinated!

That's my Springfield Shopper-inspired, spinning newspaper headline.

Weary selfie to stitch.

Viva Springtime!

And how do we mourn his passing? By living more intensely, dammit! Hence, this tired selfie, which I think may need to be translated into a stitched self portrait.

Stack of 100 Hardscrabble & Wondrous postcards for my
etsy shop.

Art, hiking, making photo cards, hanging with friends, eating delicious food around Durham, enjoying Spring... that's what is happening in my life at the moment. 

WIP: Frame 11 for the x stitch animation piece.

For example, I saw Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival last weekend. It's an amazing look at intersection of performance art, Punk, feminism, patriarchy and social media in the ever fascinating world of contemporary Russia. (Who wants to take a trip to Moscow with me??)

Magical hour at the Duke Forest.

Other wonderful experiences... I attended the Wangechi Mutu opening at the Nasher Museum. To say that Mutu's gorgeous collage work is inspiring is an understatement. 

Hiked for miles at Raven Rock State Park, where the terrain under the enormous rock face had a freaky, moon of Jupiter quality that was pleasantly disorienting. (Or maybe that was the effect of forgetting to eat properly before we left!) 

Sat ridiculously close to the ice at a Carolina Hurricanes game. They played dreadfully, but the spectacle was incredible fun on a cold, rainy night. 

Monuts Donuts. Eating my way through Durham's delicious food.

Sharing all of these experiences with people I care about makes my life delicious. Creativity flows more freely and making art feels richer and more real when it is intertwined with my love for the people in my life. 

Simple and corny as that sounds, mofos.

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  1. I'm so glad that spring is finally springing! (Although this winter I told myself I would have a good winter and embarked on an ambitious creative project as a sort of art therapy, and it really worked! And I had the most wonderfully wintry snowy winter.) Glad to see that you are making the very most of it. :)