Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Yes! Nikola Tesla by Rachel Lynn Rose

Rachel Lynn Rose is not afraid. Not of electricity. Nor insects. Nor boundaries.

Nikola Tesla, 2013, by Rachel Lynn Rose.

When I received her Nikola Tesla embroidery in the Phat Quarter Blinded by Science Swap, I could not believe my eyes.


The design of the piece, stitched in fine thread against a trompe l'oeil ground fabric, is simple and the stitching is perfect.

But Rachel did not stop there. She inserted LED lights to form globes in each of Tesla's outstretched hands. She even created rays around the globes with conductive thread.

Conductive thread around the LED globe.

I first noticed Rachel's facility with united various mediums in her textile art when she embroidered the top of a Coney Island hotdog container. So clever AND perfectly rendered.

And her collection of eerily embroidered insect art, Invisible Empire, is luminous and strange.

Nikola Tesla glows! 

She is simply amazing. Please spend some time with her beautiful work. I can't wait to see more. I'm beyond inspired.

"Big Yes!" is a blog feature where I share, with the artist’s permission, a piece of textile art that has opened my eyes to the possibility of what we can create.  When faced with things that are truly beautiful or moving or that fill me with awe, I try to say yes. More than that, Big Yes.


  1. This is awesome! Where can you get tiny lights like that?

    1. I agree, Susan. She did amazing work! I'm not sure where you can find little lights like that. Perhaps flickr mail the artist? There is a link the the post to her flickr. Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Who ever made this should be called master! This is truly a masterpiece! It’s simply one of a kind and totally awesome for a stitch project. I really like the idea and the outcome of this project. I think everybody should learn from her. Truly breathtaking! Great job!

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