Friday, June 21, 2013

Paint, WIPs & Stormtroopers (just because)

The last few weeks have been more about experimentation with mediums than finishing art projects.

Painted fabric paper. Needs more glitter!

Mostly, I've been painting vintage fabrics, cotton fabric samples and fabric papers that I made with my friends Juline, Kate, Monique and Katherine a couple of months ago. (We used this tutorial.)

Oil paints on squares from a fabric sample book.

I'm trying out oils, acrylics and watercolors. I have an idea for a woven piece that I want to attempt that was inspired by the El Anatsui exhibition I saw a couple of weeks ago at the Brooklyn Museum. But I've never done this kind of work before, so I'm in the very early draft phase.

Fabric paper made with cheesecloth.

And I'm going through a French knot obsession, which I think most stitchers go through. Is there anything more textural and beautiful than French knots? And feather stitch?

French knots, ink, oil paint and stitch on vintage linen.

WIPs and sketches are strewn about my apartment. I'm grateful that my friends have not disowned me because of the chaotic mess.

An uncharacteristically monochromatic piece. But still, French knots WIP.

I was so inspired by Iviva Olenick's "embroidery slam" #BrooklynTweets. I've been finding poetry everywhere. And stitching a bit of it.

A found poem in stitch.

Last weekend, my fiber arts group Durham String Thing taught weaving at the North Carolina Maker Faire. The event itself was a little overwhelming... so much creative energy packed into a small, loud space. But my boyfriend and I got to try on a handmade Stormtrooper's helmet. That set my Star Wars loving nerd-heart aflame!

Stormtrooper O.

Stormtrooper A.
Warning: Attempt Jedi mind tricks at your own risk.

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  1. I so understand that French Knot obsession.