Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inspired to Stitch - Launching a new column for Mr X Stitch

I'm very excited about a new column that Jamie Chalmers (a.k.a. Mr X Stitch) invited me to write on the Mr X Stitch website, a large-scale, international blog at the forefront of the contemporary embroidery movement that is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month.

Interview on Mr X Stitch, Aug 6, 2013. 

The new monthly column is called Inspired to Stitch. It will feature interviews with artists, focusing on translating creative ideas and source material into textile art projects.

Here is an interview Jamie did with me that ran yesterday on the big site. I will continue to write the Too Cute Tuesday column for the site (mind you, my sense of cute is a little... different.) Inspired to Stitch will run the first Tuesday of each month.

Please send me your ideas, suggestions, questions... I'm thrilled to learn more about your creative process and sharing it with the thousands of readers at Mr X Stitch.

And a tad nervous!


  1. Your new column will be so interesting - I can't wait to read it, you are definitely the right girl for the job!

  2. There is no reason to be nervous, your work and writing are both brilliant !

  3. How exciting! looking forward to reading