Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scenes: From my blooper reel

Q:    Is there such a thing as too much color and too much pattern?
A:    YES!

Fresh set of holes poked, ready to stitch. Looks like Braille.

My pile of "not quite rights" is growing. But that's OK. I'm learning. The piece below doesn't quite work. I threw in too many colors and too many patterns. I was trying to work in more of a scene, with foreground and background activity. But I piled it on too high and it's simply too busy and not unified.

Blooper! I think it fell apart with the blue stars. Among other things.

So on to the next piece. Simpler grid. Simpler color selection. Trying to strike a balance between wild grids and doodles on a luminous colored base and composing different areas of focus in different places.

Brand new grid. Keeping it simpler. 

Perhaps I've dialed this one to too simple. We'll see.  Not much time to work on this this week because I'm moving on Thursday. Moving is a beast! But I'm very excited about my funky new duplex and the next phase of my personal life.

Ok, back to packing...

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