Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pixels of Time, Pixels of Stitch

I'm struck by how stitching a cross stitch is like building an image in the form of pixels -- each little x is a point in space grabbed from our vision and transformed into a threaded pixel.


As I get back to work on the self portrait of my eyes, I'm reminded of the beauty in stitching. How it transforms our visual perception of the world by slowing everything down. Each tiny stitch turns our vision into a threaded moment.

Building the image of my eyes, stitch by stitch.

This is true in terms of the time it takes to translate imagery to stitch (the experience of capturing the image by putting the needle into the fabric) and in the tiny physical space of the stitch itself. For example, at burst of light in the contour of my eye socket becomes both a pixel of thread and a pixel of time -- the moment of time it takes to make the stitch.   

Transforming a contour into thread.

I've only worked on one other x stitch -- Frame 11 for Aubrey Longley-Cook's RuStitch animation.

Wild Durham Springtime, 2014.

Very slowly getting back in the a groove with my art practice. Rebuilding it pixel by pixel in the green Springtime.


  1. Beautifully stitched and Beautifully said!

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! It's nice to be back to stitching!