Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stitchsperation Abudanza

Charles Bridge, shapes, Prague.

Rome. Venice. Prague. Three very different cities I recently visited with my mother. At the risk of sounding achingly cliche, I was overcome with an abundance of inspiration for my artwork.

Colusseum, shapes, Rome.

John Lennon Wall, texture, Prague.

Room of Maps, color, composition, layers, Vatican City.

I break down the visual inspiration taken from these photos into three categories: Texture, color, composition.

Under the Charles Bridge, shapes, Prague.

Texture, light, Rome.

Saturated life, Rome.

The colors in Italy are the colors I live in. The ochre, burnt umber, saturated hues.

Composition, colors, saturated life, Venice.

The gothic edges to Prague capture a layer of my disposition. Like dark, lacy lines overlaid on other images.

Texture, shapes, Prague.

Texture, composition, gothic edges to life, Prague.

And everywhere, the textures. And everywhere, watching the bursts caused by the sunlight.

Light, texture, Venice. 

Texture, color, Rome.

What you can't capture in these photos (and there is so much I can't capture) is the feeling of travel. The openness it brings to your imagination if you let it. And I try to always let it.

Composition, detail from Hall of Maps, Vatican City.

Mood, texture, composition, Old Jewish Cementery, Prague.

Composition, mood, carabinieri, Rome.

Especially at home. Must be open to your surroundings. Your world, both of the senses and of your emotions.

Light, color, Venice.

Color, layers, composition, Rome.

I will miss being called "bellissima." I felt like my most unrestricted self.

Colors, Rome.

Everything. Paul Klee at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.

I felt bellissima.

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