Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogging about Cute, Blogging about Art

In addition to producing this blog of (mostly) my own work, July has found me with some new writing gigs on some other sites that are meaningful to me.

Twins by Carrie_76

I can't tell you how excited I was when the wildly talented and energetic Jamie "Mr X Stitch" Chalmers asked me to take over the weekly Too Cute Tuesday posts on his essential needlework site Mr X Stitch.

Transfusion from LeighLaLovesYou.

Big Yes to being a curator of needle art! I confess that I'm not terribly attracted to traditional representations of "cute," so I'm grateful that Jamie has really let me play with that term and select work that may push the boundaries of what "cute" is all about. Babies getting transfusions, a raw, new born squirrel, demented twins... It is amazing to look at all of the work that is out there and think about what makes it both cute and fresh. Unusual.

Danielleorama's New Born Squirrel.

Over Memorial Day Weekend I went to Miami for my squeeze's birthday and we saw the Nasher-produced exhibition The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl at the Miami Museum of Art. I'd been floored by the show when I saw it at the Nasher Museum here in Durham back in 2010. (And I was lucky enough to record the audio guide for the show!)

Photo by J Caldwell.

I wrote a blog post about the experience of seeing the record hung in an entirely different space for the Nasher blog.

Turntable 2010, a piece I made that was inspired by The Record.

Writing and photography were my first loves for many years. So writing about needlework and art, two things that I care so deeply about, is incredibly meaningful to me. And hey, if anyone out there would like me to contribute in that way to their blogs or projects, just give me a shout!

Now, back to stitching and sketching for me.

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  1. I'm so excited that you're writing for Mr. X! What a perfect gig, and how great it is for us readers! Congrats!