Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Heart Feather Stitch

Such an elegant, simple little stitch, feather stitch. Both long-armed and plain.

Long-armed feather stitch +  a little chain stitch to depict my hair.
Pearl cotton size 12.

I've used it recently in two entirely different ways... to depict the chaotic mess of my hair on the Tiny Great Curve piece.

Long-armed feather stitch on a straight grid.

And as a straighter, more grid-like border on the Lunatic Squirrel tea towel for Monique.

It looks so varied, depending on the straightness or curve of your center line. In both cases, it looks organic and vine-like.

Stem, chain, back, button hole, blanket & Pekinese stitches. So far.

I just adore the experimenting with stitches on the Tiny Great Curve.

From the most recent issue of &Stitches, I learned the Pekinese stitch, which I slipped into the bottom row of the mattress. (This is a wonderful issue and I strongly encourage you to check out Carina & Nicole's work. Plus there is a worthwhile interview with Jenny Hart!)

Back to needle, thread and fabric. And lovely stitching.

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  1. Funny you should write about the feather stitch, because I was using it myself on a project last week. It's my favorite stitch, and I especially love to add little beads.