Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Hoops... In Rainbows

Detail from Brasserie Enflammé,  2012.

Been quietly sketching and stitching on three projects.

Stitching while waiting for my car to be serviced.

My 1970s-themed piece for the Phat Quarter Swap from Mr X Stitch (which I'm organizing!)

The pile of colors &
handwriting grows!

My Color Words project, which has taken a new turn... I'm thinking of a stitched color wheel.

It is a great joy to stitch up other people's handwriting.

And the Tiny Great Curve piece, which I'm working on sketching the background for. I want something dreamlike and filled with plant life. Think of a Henri Rousseau jungle in muted colored stitch.

Sketching late at night.

I've been sketching and practicing stitching leaves in different threads.

Fishbone stitch, on linen. Thick & thin thread.

Mixed in with dry days the corporate desk job, I've been cooking, reading, watching films, hanging with my squeeze and other friends and spending lovely time with my nephews Kels & Hudson (ages 18 & 13) who are in town from Austin.

Me & Kels, Motorco, Durham, NC.

Summer life.

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