Monday, January 13, 2014

String Box

I tried a new geometric pattern with this piece. I'm digging it. I can't wait to experiment more with the boxes and lines. The mark making.

String Box, 2013. Hand embroidery on a watercolor. 

String Box was made for the lovely designer Rebecca of Hugs Are Fun as part of the Amuse-Bouche, Phat Quarter Swap. 

Framed, String Box, 2013.

I came up with the theme for this swap because I didn't want anyone to feel much pressure to make something too large. What is an amuse-bouche? It’s a scrumptious little hors d’oeuvre. A stand-alone treat for your taste buds. Literally, one could translate it from the French as a “mouth amusement.”

In our stitchy case, I defined it as a tiny visual (rather than a taste) treat.

Out stitching in public. Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham, NC.

It was great fun to make something for Rebecca, a wonderfully creative stitcher, designer and blogger. She has been incredibly supportive to me as I've been experimenting with watercolor stitching. And she has a great flair for color in her own work, which you can see on her website.

Painting my watercolor backgrounds. I made the one on the right for
my Pops. Coming soon.

The String Box background was painted at the same time I painted one that I used for my Pops. More to come about that piece, soon. It is called Eclipse.

WIP: Gray boxes, a new project.

Tonight I'm painting simple gray backgrounds. I have an idea for something new that came to me while I was between sleep and wakefulness on Saturday morning. I'm geeked to start working on it...


  1. Beautiful! Your watercolor and stitched pieces are absolutely some of my favorites (and that's saying a ton, considering how much I love your work!)

  2. Looks great! I'm enjoying your watercolor pieces. Nice to see the progression. Lucky partner!

  3. I honestly feel so honored to have gotten this piece, it is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the beautiful piece and the kind words! I cannot wait to see your WIP!